Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Decor Elements Phase 3 and boy are they beautiful!

Decor elements phase 3 is almost here! The images are amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on them. Customers can start ordering them Jan 19th. To see the entire line click here. Want to see how easy they are to use and see them in person on actual walls. Come to my Home Decor open house.
Decor Elements Open House
Thursday January 29th
6:30 pm
Class fee:$5.00
RSVP by January 27th
Want to check out the home decor line, want to see how it really looks in real life? Come to my Home decor open house and see the home decor line used in different spaces of my home. We will also be completing a project using part of our home decor elements line.
Everybody who comes to the open house gets an emblem towards their free $20.00 Stampin Up gift certificate.
Receive an extra emblem for each guest that you bring with you!
Anybody who purchases $40.00 in Stampin Up products will have their $5.00 class fee waived.
And of course if you purchase $50.00 in products you'll receive another emblem towards that gift certificate.

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