Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday box & Tag

Happy fall  morning to you! I have to apologize to everybody. I've been posting to my blog from my cell phone several times in September or should I say I THOUGHT I was posting to my blog. Went to check my blog from my computer and the posts aren't there! Frustrating, oh well. So back to taking pictures with my camera and posting from my computer. So what have I been up to this week? Well thanks for asking! Today my daughter has a birthday party to go to and the little girl who's party it is, is turning 8. So I went shopping for a gift the other day and didn't really find anything I liked in the toy isles. Eight is kind of a transition age where they are starting to grow up a little bit. So I went and looked at books, but I was at Wal mart and lets face it, they don't have a good book selection. So then I went and looked at the beauty products and knew exactly what we where going to give her as a gift. I hope she likes it, Kayla loved it and can't wait to give it to her so hopefully that's a good sign. I made up a little manicure set. Why am I telling you all this? Well to lead up to this.... I made the box and the tag that the gift is in.
 Here is a picture of the full gift. Can you see those fun nail colors in there shriek!! Pink, Green, Blue and a Goldish brown. You can see that there are all sorts of fun things in the box. Nail decals, fancy nail files, nail wraps and of course the polishes.
 The box was made out of 5 cardboard coasters that I wrapped in designer paper.
 The tag was very simple as I knew it was for an 8 year old and they are just going to rip it off and throw it away.
I used both scallop circle punches and a retired stamp set. The colors of ink used where pretty in pink and melon mambo.
Just a quick post for today, I hope that you enjoy it and can see it! lol

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