Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lovely as a Tree - Get Well Soon

So my husband calls me from work and says to me, "Can you make a Get Well card for a co-worker who has cancer?" My response is "Of Course I can" Then he goes on to tell me, it has to be bigger than the ones that you usually make because a bunch of people are going to sign it. Can you make it as big as the ones that you would buy in the store. I've omitted the brand name because that's almost like swearing to me! So it took me a while to figure out what the dimensions would be for this particular size card and then I remember that I have some bigger envelopes so I just folded a 81/2x11 piece of paper and half and then just matched up the paper to the envelope and trimmed off the extra. Then I knew what my dimensions would be for the 2nd card. I decided to give Craig 2 options to pick from. One that is very, very simple and then one that had just a little bit more detail to it. I figured that I would try and keep it as manly as possible seeing that it was for a construction worker (you know how manly they are).

I really like the first option but it will be interesting to see which one he picks. Both cards use the Lovely as a Tree stamp set. (one of my favorite sets, it's so versatile. You can use it for any season for any occasion, I find my self picking this set up almost every week to use. I guess I've gotten my money out of this set!)
Have a great day and Happy Stampin!

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