Thursday, December 20, 2007

Handmade Christmas ornaments

Here are 2 of the hand made ornaments on my tree. They are both done using those clear Christmas ornaments that you can get at any craft store. The first one uses a piece of acetate in the middle of the ornament that I embossed snowflakes onto. In person it is really neat because it looks like the snowflakes are just floating in the middle of the ornament. I finished it off with a white bow.

The 2nd ornament is kind of blurry (sorry about that), I couldn't seem to get a good picture of it. But this ornament really makes the red pop on my tree. Our tree has light green, gold and red ornaments on it and I made a bunch of these ornaments to really give some shimmer and consistency to the tree. Again this uses the clear ornament and I added about 20-25 drops of re-inker into the ornament. Then you swirl around the ink until the entire inside of the ornament is cover. Turn it over and let the extra ink drip into a plastic cup. Then add our dazzling diamond glitter and shake it all around until you have a good coverage. Dump out the extra glitter, but don't throw it away because now you have a beautifully died glitter that can be used on your other projects. I put it into a small Ziploc bag and it seems to keep fine in there. Then just put the top back on the ornament and your good to go.

Happy stampin and have a great day!

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