Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where have I been?

Well let me tell you where I have been. My poor 3 year old got very sick with a flu. Her temperature was hovering around 104 for days she had all the symptoms of a flu and on top of it we took her to the doctors and found out that she had croup (don't know if that's how you spell it). She was sick for 2 weeks and is still coughing pretty bad and then this week I caught her flu and I was in bed for days. Good thing for moms. My mom took care of the girls all week. So I think I'm finally feeling better so look for a post soon.

Monday is the last day to sign up the emergency birthday card kit class, click on the link to get all the info, let me know if your interested in signing up.

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Debbie Olson said...

So sorry that your little one has been sick! Hope she's feeling better now!