Friday, March 28, 2008

Organization AHHHHH

So I have been very uptight lately and not getting any stamping done, and why is that? Well my whole life is un-organized and I can't stand it any more. So what am I doing instead of stamping? organizing, every room in the house. I rearranged the girls room to make room for the baby's crib and organized all their toys, boy did that feel good. Then I cleared off my computer desk and let me tell you that took 2 days. I had piles and piles of papers on it. I had to sort and go through everything, but it's great because now I can see the desk.
And have I told you how wonderful my husband is? I have a craft room that has turned into a junk room in the last 3 years, I can't use it to stamp so I have to pull everything out onto the dinning room table to stamp and then it stays there for weeks. And by the time I have everything out and ready to stamp, one of the kids wakes up from nap so I get nothing done. So my super husband is making me cabinets for my craft room ( and this is on top of working 7 days a week right now, he was out in the garage until 10:30 last night cutting and assembling these cabinets), and we bought 2 6 foot folding tables that I will have to work on. It won't be the most beautiful room but it will be use able which means more stamping for me. YEAH
so within the next week or 2 I should have a brand new craft room to do lots of stamping in and at the same time I should have a more organized house because all my stamping stuff can go back to where it belongs. I'm jumping up and down with joy!
Well I have a newsletter to finish and projects to do for upcoming classes, club and workshops so that's it for today, have a great day! Happy stampin!

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