Monday, October 13, 2008

Mary Kay - Book To Look

How are you today? I'm good, my 10 month old has been very sick with a bad cold. Poor thing, her nose is running down her face constantly and her cough just sounds so horrible. She had a fever of 102.1 last night, but her fever broke sometime in the middle of the night. Thank you God! She's been doing lots of napping and cuddling with me today! So when she has managed to sleep today, I've been working on this project for my fellow Mary Kay consultants.
About a month ago I went and did an informational night for them, on how to incorporate Stampin Up into their Mary Kay business and how important Thank you notes are. They all already know that, because they are a fantastic group of Mary Kay consultants! Well one of the projects that I was showing them was my book to look vase that I use at my Stampin Up events and they all seemed to like it and asked me to make up a mock one for them. So here it is.

The book to look vase will cost $15.00 each. That includes, everything that you see in the picture. It includes:
The marbles
The book to look sign
and 24 empty pillow boxes
(ready for you to fill)
You will receive 12 pink pillow boxes
and 12 grey pillow boxes

The pillow boxes will have a handmade stamp on the back as seen on this grey pillow box. I can not sell them to you unless I have that angel policy on the back. The stamp actually stands out more in the picture, then it does in real life.

There will also be a refill pack available for purchase anytime for an additional $5.00. The refill pack includes:

24 Empty pillow boxes

If you are interested in purchasing one please call me at 413-863-3166 or e-mail me at

If you are in our unit, they will be available for pick up at our next meeting if you order by this Thursday October 16th. They will also be available after that anytime that you would like to place an order.

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