Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mom & Me valentine Class

Before I start todays post, I just want to say that I have just a couple stamp club spots left, so if you want one please contact me ASAP! Stamp club starts on MONDAY.

Good morning everybody how are you? I'm great today. The sun is shining and that always makes me happy. I won't get into the fact that it's only 7 degrees out right now though. So today I have a sneak peek for you today. Saturday I have a mom & me valentine class, so I thought I would show you part of the project that we will be doing. I won't show the rest of it until after the class though. Isn't this mini mail box adorable? I love it and it uses our new raspberry tart designer paper. I think that's what it's called. I'm being to lazy to go look right now. We are going to make all sorts of fun things to go inside the mailbox. The next 2 pictures are more on a personal note. They are of Kayla making her valentine's for her class. We are using cute little 3x3 note cards, perfect for a pre-k valentines party. I stamped the images on for her and she colored them all in by her self. Kayla really wants to add some glitter to them, so that might be our project for tonight. I am the glitter queen after all so of course my daughter would take after me.

Alright everybody that's it for today. Stay warm, have a great day, and happy stampin!

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