Monday, August 13, 2007

Just had to share!

Ok, so I'm super excited about the upcoming Holiday mini collection catalog which debuts Sept 1st. and here's my reason why. All the stamps are laser cut (yeah no cutting). Check out how cool this is.
Picture 1- See how all of the images are cut around them.

Picture 2- See how I'm pulling the pre-cut image off of the sheet of rubber.

Picture 3- Here is the sheet of rubber with the image pulled all the way off.

Picture 4- Here is the image all ready to be placed on a piece of wood. How cool is that!

I have this rule that when I get an order in, I can't do any stamping until all of my stamp sets are put together and with these sets being pre-cut I had my sets together in a matter of minutes. I also heard a rumor that all of the upcoming mini catalogs will feature these die-cut stamps. Yeah, isn't that exciting!
Happy Stampin! and have a great day!

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