Saturday, June 14, 2008

Color challenge

Hi everybody,

My 3rd level upline Cindy L. has put out a color challenge to her downline the color challenge was black, white and any other one color. So I picked groovy guava, I love how both of these cards turned out!

I asked my husband which card he liked better and he said the one on the right. So I asked why and his answer was that he doesn't like white on a card, isn't that hilarious, because the main part of the card is white, it doesn't appeal to him. I thought that was interesting.
I thought that I would extend the challenge to all my readers. Come up with a card using only black, white and one other SU color and e-mail me the picture and I'll post them on my blog!

I have to say that my house has been clean for 5 days in a row and it feels wonderful! I'm also getting more stamping done because I only stamp when my house is clean, I feel guilty stamping if my house is a mess I guess it goes back to when your a kid and if your where home sick from school you didn't get to do anything fun, so if my house is a mess (which cleaning my house is part of my job as a stay at home mom) then I don't get to do anything fun (stamping) so needless to say I don't get much stamping in. But hopefully that's all behind me and I can keep up with the cleaning. I seriously can't believe all I have done in a couple days. All the laundry (which in my house is a lot of laundry). Dishes have been done every day, cleaned the bathroom twice, vacuumed twice and mopped once, cleaned out the refrigerator, that was really over due. The list could go on and on but I'll stop boring you. So I hope you all have a great day and happy stampin!

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