Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Card and Thursday Challenge

How is everybody today? I've had a migraine all day. Not fun, but I'm starting to feel better. So yesterday was my birthday and today's card that I have to share with you is from a friend who is also one of my customers. This card is so stunning in real life. It's so sparkly (which we all know how I feel about glitter. LOVE IT!) She did a fantastic job with this card and what a great color combination. The flower is awesome, the top flower is actually cut and popped up on top of the bottom flower. I love the card, thank you Carol. Last night I had a stamp club and one of my club members also made me a card which made my entire day, I'll share that card tomorrow! This picture really does no justice to the card. It's a rainy, dreary day here so unfortunately it means no good pictures.
Ok it's time again for another Thursday challenge. Just a reminder that these challenges are just for fun to get you motivated to do some crafting and maybe give you a direction to start with.
Because this is my birthday week the challenge is going to be...............................
Do a project that has to do with a birthday:
It could be a birthday card, or some birthday packaging, or maybe a scrapbook page of a birthday party. How about some birthday decorations? Alright you have you're challenge, and you have until Wednesday to finish the challenge. Remember that if you e-mail me a picture of you're project I'll post them here for everybody to see. Or if you are one of my local customers and can't figure out how to e-mail me a picture, just bring them to the next event that you come to and I'll take pictures for you.
Happy Stampin and have a great day!

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