Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today's post is kind of personal, if you don't want to hear all of that then scroll right down to the picture.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm not quite sure how it arrived so quickly. Today I had a post all ready to go, but then yesterday when I checked my mail I had "HAPPY MAIL" (otherwise known as handmade cards). I thought that it was important to show these cards that I received, because I'm thankful for them and it reminds me to be thankful! I think sometimes we get caught up in our fast paced lives that we sometimes forget to take the time to be Thankful for everything that we have. So today I'm going to give you a list of things that I am Thankful and maybe you can take a minute and think about what your thankful for.

I'm Thankful for:
My wonderful beautiful family. I have 2 super cute, loving, well behaved daughters and I am very thankful for them.
I'm thankful for my husband, who supports me completely and pushes me to strive to be better, who makes me laugh on a daily basis and who by the way I am still madly in love with after 10 years of being together.
I'm thankful for my parents and sister. I have great parents who are there for me whenever I need them and love me unconditionally. I have a great sister who listens to me rant on for an hour at a time and gives me the right answer, not just the answer I want to hear.
I'm thankful for things as simple as having a roof over my head and backyard for my kids to play in, and the camper that allows us to spend time as a family.
I'm thankful for my small group of close friends who I could tell anything to and know that they would keep my matters private and support me to the best of their ability.
And here are some frivilous things that I'm super thankful for too.
I'm thankful for the tv show the office that makes me laugh every Thursday night at 9:00pm
I'm thankful that LOST starts in Feb, sad it's the last season.
I'm thankful for Stampin Up and all the great friends and customers that I've made along the way.
I'm thankful for these handmade cards that I received in the mail.

What are you thankful for?

That's it for today, sorry to be so preachy..
Have a great day and happy stampin!
Take some time to be thankful, I'd love to hear what your thankful for.

Also on a side note my spell checker has gone missing so please excuse the misspelled words. And if anybody finds it let me know where it is.

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