Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Wreath?

So today starts advent! When I was a child every year we would have one of those advent calendars where you would flip open the number of each day and there would be a bible verse inside and a picture of something that had to do with Christmas. Well today is Dec 1st and I realized yesterday that I wanted to make an advent calendar of sorts for my girls. OF course I had to do it my way though. So here is what I did. It's an easy project, just time consuming. I worked on it yesterday during Hannah's nap time and then again when they went to bed for the night and then finished it up this morning. It probably took between 4 & 5 hours to complete the entire thing.
Each numbered day is a little tin that I covered in designer paper. Inside is a little treat for each of them (small things like holiday erasers, little plastic rings) as well as 2 puzzle pieces. I bough 2 puzzles thinking that they would be small enough to fit into the tins, which they are but it worked out perfectly that there are 24 pieces in each puzzle, so they will each get a puzzle piece each day for the first 24 days and then on Christmas we will put the puzzles together as a family. I also printed out a bible verse to put in each tin.
The tins are embellished with buttons, brads, rhinestone brads and the little felt flurries from last year. (I think there is still some of those left in the clearance store on my website if your interested in them.
I just loved putting this together and I love the way it turned out.
Here is wreath #1

Here is wreath #2 ( I used 2 wreaths because that's just how I already how the wreaths. You could fit them all on 1 wreath if you wanted to).

Here are the 2 wreaths together. Don't mind the play structure in the background. We can't get that top to stay on for the life of us. Every time it's windy it blows off.

And here is a close up of a few of the tins so you can see the different embellishments I used on them.

I guess that's it for today.
I hope you enjoyed my post today.
Have a great day and happy stampin!

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