Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas wreath & "happy mail"

Wow what a super busy day it's been today so far.  I've been calling a few husbands of some of my customers to give them their wives Stampin Up wish list to make their Christmas shopping easier. I've finished making my first batch of Christmas cards, have them in their envelopes and I just need to address them and send them on their way! Today I have a Christmas wreath idea for you. This one is on my front door. I saw the idea here, and she got it from  here who happened to see it on this site.  Wow that's a lot of linking! All you need is a wire hanger and a BUNCH of Christmas ornaments. The ornaments that I used where plastic ones, so I didn't have to worry about them breaking. I won't give you directions as the the first and last link both have directions already typed out for you.
I will say it was super fun and easy to make. The longest part was probably trying to figure out how to get the hanger put back together at the end.
I haven't added a bow yet. I have to find the perfect ribbon, but isn't it great how shiny and glittery it is! You know me and my glitter. But I do have to admit that I have glitter ALL over my house from making this wreath.

Yesterday I received my first Christmas card of the season and on top of that IT WAS A HANDMADE card! It's such a pretty card. I love the eggplant and gold together a very stunning color combination.I love how she off set the wording a little bit and added 2 colors the eggplant and gold to give it a shadowing technique. Thanks for the card Kris it made my day.

That's it for today, I'm off to make some hand made decorations for the tree. I've noticed the balance of handmade to store bought ornaments is off. That's because people have been buying my handmade ornaments right off my tree, so I'm off to make more so we can have a happy balance back on the tree.
Have a great day and happy stampin!

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