Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can I gush, just for a minute

I was on my way to drop Kayla off at school this morning. I was thinking about my downline(demonstrators who have signed up under me) and thinking about how I could inspire them. Well I just have to say I love my downline, they are such a great group of women, who all LOVE Stampin Up! But I guess they wouldn't be demonstrators if they didn't love it right? So I just wanted to say thanks to each and every one of them for being my downline, they inspire me!

Also I wanted to share a picture of me today, so that all of you out in stamping land, who have never met me, can put a face with the name. Now keep in mind that there aren't many pictures of me. Why, well because I'm the one normally taking the pictures. This picture while not a great picture, is a picture none the less was taken by either my 3 year old or my husband. I can't remember which one because they where both messing around with the camera that day. So here I am! Be gentle.
I might be back later with a card to share, we will see how the night goes! I have a workshop tomorrow and my daughter has children's church tonight so maybe I'll share a pic of the projects for the workshop. We'll see. Have a fantastic day and happy stampin!


Melody Arsenault said...

OK, I need to gush a little, too. Thank you for the kind words, Angela. I'd like to say what an wonderful upline you are. You're a terrific mentor and resource to me, and I count myself very lucky to have the benefit of your care and support. You're the best!


MJStamperoo said...

Im with Mel on this.. The past few years living up here away from everyone has been hard. I wished I had joined sooner.. I look forward to seeing who posts on our group, and it def has brought me closer to laura.. my FABULOUS SIL.. to have the kind of support that is had with the group that you started and has grown is hard to find..and I cherish it and am thankful..... THANKS A LOT.. by the way.. I think the pic is awsome.. I havent seen you since my baby shower.. You look beautiful..