Thursday, September 25, 2008

More workshop projects

I have another workshop tonight, so I thought that I would share what we will be doing. I'm using the same stamp sets as I did on Monday for my workshop. We are using Autumn Harvest and Batty for you, but I'm using them in totally different ways to show my guests how versatile they are. ( I will have some of the same guests from Monday's workshop at tonight's).
We are using Autumn Harvest on our card. I found this card over on SCS (surprise there). I didn't really change much on the card, really just the ribbon and the colors a little bit. Here is the original card.
Here is mine. I think the ladies will like it.There is lots of cutting and stampin dimensionals which I absolutely love.

The 3-d project that we are doing is a little bag and bag topper which would be perfect for halloween. What's inside the bag, you might ask. Well how about 2 adorable, peppermint pattys. I was going through my downlines blogs and came across this on Laura's blog and knew that this would be a simple, easy project for my workshop. Thanks Laura. I would show you where on Laura's blog I found it, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore, that's really weird. Sorry.

So this is what we will be doing at my workshop tonight, I can't wait to go and meet all of these new ladies. I love my job, it's so much fun! If you would like to book your own workshop with me, give me a call at 413-863-3166 or e-mail me at

Have a fantastic day and happy stampin!

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Laura Fiske said...

hmm....thats odd.. i dont know where it went. thanks for caseing me though! I feel honored!