Saturday, March 28, 2009

More chipboard!

Before I start my post for today, if you receive my blog posts by e-mail and didn't receive one yesterday, click over to my blog to see yesterdays post. I showed a really cool way to use chipboard. You won't want to miss it! Sometimes my posts don't get sent via e-mail. I'll have to figure that out. But anyway, on to today's post.

Happy beautiful Saturday to all of you. The sun is shinning here and we are expected to hit 60 degrees today, yippeee! My girls have been outside all morning so I"m hoping that they take a good afternoon nap so I can get a lot done. Today I'm showing another way to use chipboard.

Chipboard and Crystal Effects: This is a great way to make your chipboard shiny!

Step 1: sponge color of your choice onto the chipboard
Step 2: Apply crystal effects all over the inked chipboard and allow to dry. A good 4 to 6 hours for drying is needed. I did these pieces of chipboard before I left for the evening and when we came home they where good to go.
(sorry for the blurry picture, try applying crystal effects and taking a picture at the same time, it really doesn't mix!)Step 3: Apply chipboard to project and finish how ever you would like.
Isn't this a really neat way to use chipboard. People pay big bucks for shiny chipboard and we can do it with everything that we already have on hand. After you've applied the crystal effects you could also add some glitter to it before it dries to give it an extra special touch.

You can see here that I glued my 2 chipboard pieces together and I also added ribbon to the reversed heart image. That in it's self is a really cool way to use your chipboard.

Ok so I've given you another way to use your chipboard, so now go do it! Remember to e-mail me your pictures of how you are using your chipboard and I will post them to my blog. I have a really cute project for you tomorrow and yes it does involve chipboard. See you tomorrow.

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Have a great day and happy stampin!

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