Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Decor!

Still Sunny and cold here, but it is supposed to get a bit warmer today. I think we are going to get up into the 40's today. Last night at 9:00 pm all of a sudden I had this burst of energy so I decided to put up a decor element in my bathroom. I love the way it looks, the chocolate color just looks so calming against the soft blue color. What do you think? Ready to put one up in your house? Book a party and earn your decor elements for FREE! The great thing about our decor elements is that they are not permanent, so if you want to put something else up on your walls you can do that, they are great for people with apartments who can't paint walls or put nail holes in the walls because these can go right up and won't peel off your paint when you take them down. What a great way to re-decorate a wall without putting tons of money into a re-decorating project. You get the point their cool, versatile and cost effective.

I hope that you have a fantastic day and happy stampin!

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